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Me First: When self-care isn’t enough

Self-care is quite the mantra today. It is something that we read about, hear the latest and greatest self-help guru go on about and the very thing that we believe we need in order to make it. What happens when self-care isn’t enough?

Me First

For the past several months, I have been on a “me first” mission. I chose me on purpose and indulged in the activities (or lack thereof ) as I saw fit with no concern for another’s perception of my ‘why’. Self-care, whether caring or careless, was my mantra. The odd thing was that I wasn’t happy. I was not satisfied. Self-care was not enough.

I decided to get back to my morning routine of reflection, word and tea. As I returned to my good word, I was presented with Matthew 6:33.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

From the Creator

This scripture stayed on my chalkboard for an entire week. It was the Creator’s way of telling me exactly why I was not satisfied. Like many of us do, I embraced the moment but continued to make up my own reasons as to why I was agitated. I played the blame game, sang too many sad songs and sabotaged my diet. Quite frankly, I did this all to myself.

I was not connecting with Source. My creativity was stifled. I was in a slump.

From my Angels

The Creator speaks to me through dreams and in numbers. Most recently, I have been seeing angel numbers and they bring me peace. For me, they are confirmation from the Creator and my angels that I am on the right path.

It was not until I began having a conversation with a dear heart expressing my own logic. Her response summed it all up and it all clicked. When she talked about her “me first” experience and how it resulted in mind-numbing activities, unnecessary indulgences and more – it became very clear that the Kingdom should be first.

Immediately, I saw flashes my chalkboard. I remembered the eulogy from a recent family member’s passing. It all clicked. Thank you, friend.

Me First?

I am my best self when I am in tandem with the Creator. The Creator lives within me however I am comprised of flesh and blood. This means that I must make a concerted effort to seek the Kingdom within. The act of seeking – an action and purposeful activity – allows me to continue to move through this life as the divine light I was created to be.

Peace and Love.

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