Sankofa: Go back and get it

SankofaAs you continue to read this blog or watch my videos, you will notice the use of the term sankofa. Oh, how I love this concept! Allow me to share the background of this term.

Sankofa is an Adinkra Symbol stemming from Africa (Ghana specifically) that means Go back and get it. In essence, it is a message that tells us that we have to know who we are (reflect on our past) in order to move forward.

Reflect on our past is not the same as dwelling. Let’s make that clear. 

A part of my healing journey required me to revisit moments in my childhood that I had been concealing and/or ignoring. As I revisited those moments I was able to reflect and acquire the lessons. Those lessons helped me to not only heal, but forgive in some instances – Sankofa – go back and get it! Get your lesson. Get your peace. Sankofa.

SankofaThis powerful concept can be depicted in one of two ways – a symbol that favors a heart and the other represents a bird that is looking backward and may be holding the future (in the form of an egg) in its mouth.





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