Join the Nu Social Media Platform

Nu, a new social media platform, is available. It is time for us to stop putting ourselves on display with expressions of pain and subtle cries for help and understanding from those that cannot or quite frankly – will not. Let’s do something different.

What is Nu?

Created by Travonia Evans – a melanated woman, software engineer and so much more, Nu includes a number of familiar interface design elements and features including posts, sharing, groups and more. One surprising feature this platform boasts is the ability to create podcasts, blogs and virtual meeting rooms.

How can I access it?

Sign up for an account by visiting or by searching for the app via the Google Play Store.Nu Social Media Platform

Why Nu?

We’ve seen how our culture has collectively broken social media platforms by sheer volume and activity. Let’s think about the Teddy Riley and¬†Babyface, Jill Scott and Erykah Badu – only to name a few. The masses are not ready for us – unified. Let’s flip the script and do it on our own platform.

Nu provides an opportunity to come together in a unified, virtual space void of serving as another’s entertainment when it comes to real issues and community building.¬† Let’s support one another and build with one another on a platform that was built by a melanated woman. How about that?

She built it. Won’t you come?

Peace and Love.

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