Duafe: Beauty and Feminine Goodness


DuafeDuafe is another one of my favorite Adinkra symbols. It represents beauty, cleanliness and desirable feminine qualities – like patience, prudence, love and care. What attracted me to this symbol initially was the fact that it truly looks like a pick. Because of my love for natural hair, I naturally loved the symbol. I soon after discovered there was more to the symbol than hair.

Hair – helping other women appreciate their God-given strands – was a ministry of mine. Much like the symbol Duafe, the beauty is behind the hair. The hair is just the beginning. I have witnessed women’s lives unfold after accepting their true selves. Relationship changes, job/career changes – it all happened after the decision was made to love and accept their hair in it’s current state.

How has accepting your natural hair changed your thinking about who you are as a woman?

The process of “going natural” has filled me with wonder for this life. Think about it, Sis…we spent XX years relaxing our strands because we were taught to do it. We didn’t question it. We just did it. What habits or convictions do you have today that you were simply taught to have?

The process of “going natural” differs from woman to woman. Some of go the more extreme route of the big chop, while others transition into natural hair. For those that transition, weren’t you in awe of your natural texture as it began to peek through? It was so full and interesting. The same strands that we allowed to grow in its natural state (the way the Creator intended) are healthier, more versatile and stronger than the same hair we opt to ‘chemicalize’ into submission. The chemicals weaken our hair and we are somewhat restricted to one way of being. Some of us hold on to those relaxed ends forever and little do we know that those ends are keeping us from enjoying the full potential of our natural strands. Now, sit on this for a moment and apply it to your life…

Sis, if you let go of the ideals that were handed to you and seek God you will most definitely witness gravity defying miracles and blessing that you could not even imagine. The more you try to “fix it” the more damage you have the potential to apply. Holding on to the habits, people, relationships that no longer serve you are keeping you from reaching your full potential.

As above so below…

Peace, Love, Duafe.



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