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Black Panther: A personal reflection

Hub-rock and I are committed to indulging in monthly, out-of-the-house dates. This month you know what we did…that’s right…we contributed to the awesomeness that is Black Panther. It was soooo worth it!

Symbolism of Wakanda

As I am replaying certain scenes of the movie in my mind, I began to ask myself what does Wakanda symbolize? Sure, on the surface it is a fictitious country full of resources and melanated folk. What does Wakanda symbolize? Oh, honey it is soooo many things… Allow me to explain.

Black Buying Power

Let’s begin with numbers. This movie is a reminder that when my brothers and sisters get together with a purpose, beautiful things happen. This movie broke a box office record! We were determined to get out and see this movie, fam! We put our minds to it and broke a record. Are you seeing the importance of this? Imagine if we could pull together to do things like grow food, open businesses, buy back the block. Imagine. Wakanda that!

The pride surrounding this movie was not just noticed by us melanated folks either. I saw marketing strategies that were quite genius, product placement and more being done to capitalize on the excitement surrounding this film.

Lesson: When we put our minds to it, we can do anything – even break records.

A Woman’s Truth

There was a scene in the movie where the general of the all-female army was met by her love interest during the civil war. They were fighting on opposing sides and he presented her with a choice – slay him (her love) or fight  for Wakanda. This hit me too hard! It was at that moment that I realized that the symbolism of Wakanda was deep on so many levels. Wakanda at this moment was equivalent to a woman’s choice and the pressure we face to be “all things”.

Women must juggle being more than one of the following all at the same time – child-rearer, mommy, friend, sister, wife, corporate climber, business owner, bedroom vixen, chef, cleaning staff, organizer, appointment maker, etc. When she responded in the affirmative of Wakanda, she was saying ‘yes’ to her truth. She was saying ‘yes’ to her life’s purpose. It was a sacred ‘yes’. The man then fell to his knees…you have to watch for the rest.

Lesson: Dear Woman…there is power in your truth.

Your Wildest Dreams

In the beginning of the film, the narrator described Wakanda as being a place that was hidden in plain sight. I liken this to our own potential. Here you are, Queen sitting on your gifts. So many of us do it. We have so much power within us and we don’t even know it. We are the rest of the world and when we tap into the “Wakanda”, our mind is blown by the genius, unbelievable possibilities and beauty that is there. It is the ultimate secret.

Lesson: Dear Queen…release those distractions of this busy world so that you can walk the path that was destined for you. Go within so that you – along with the Creator – can identify the best path by which to get there.

Your strength

There really isn’t much to say about this. Once you see them in action, you will see what I am saying here. The army serving the throne was an all-woman army. They were bald, fierce and not to be messed with.

Lesson: Dear Warrior Woman…you are stronger than you think. Do not limit yourself. You won’t know unless you try.

I will tell anyone that I am not a huge movie-watcher. In fact, I fall asleep in the movies often. It’s shameful. This movie kept my attention and I honestly want to return to watch it again. There was so much symbolism, references to our culture and awesomeness that I know I missed this first time.

I encourage you to please…go see it for yourself. You will not be disappointed.


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