3 Lyrical Perspectives of Focus by H.E.R.

My song of the month is Focus by H.E.R. This song speaks to me in a beautiful way and reassures me that things are not always what they seem.

I thought I would take a moment to dissect the lyrics of this song so that you can get a better idea of why I am digging it so hard. Here are the lyrics of the first stanza:


Me. Can you focus on me?
Baby, can you focus on me?

Stanza 1

Hands in the soap and the faucet’s running and I keep thinking ’bout you.
Stuck on your phone or you’re stuck in a zone and you don’t have a clue, but I don’t wanna give up.
Baby, I just want you to get up.
Lately, I’ve been a little fed up.
…wish you would just focus on…

[Chorus repeat]

Perspective 1: Requesting Attention from your Mate

This was the initial way that I interpreted the song:

As you stand at the sink washing your hands, you cannot help but peep the reflection of your mate laying there glued to  the phone. They have no clue how badly their attention is needed. You wish they would get up and embrace you, kiss you, initiate a conversation with you. It’s working on your last nerve and you wish that attention could switch to you.

Do you think smartphones are compromising the raw soul connections we have with our mates? Are we finding more delight in the glow of the screen over the glow of our mates? Ouch.

Perspective 2: Self Awareness

As  I continued listing the song, I realized that it is not all about requesting love from someone else. What if it were about loving yourself and taking time out for yourself? My interpretation:

As you stand at the sink washing your hands and see your reflection and feel the emptiness. The smartphone has become your vice, your escape – it is keeping you from living and being the soul that you are destined to be. Either you are numbing your thoughts with mindless scrolling or sitting there stuck thinking about what could have been and/or how you are not as far along as you should be at this point in your life.

This numbing distraction and negative self speak is blocking any and all divinely creative flow. Every day is a battle to be the best you can be. You are determined. Today, you will journal. You will call the therapist. You will sit and be still. You will pray. You will meditate. You will do the thing that serves your soul well.

Perspective 3: Creator and/or Higher Self

Now, this is the one that got me all tingly inside. I believe that the Creator is omnipresent. Why can’t the Creator speak to me through this song? Someone will disagree, but guess what…this my blog, punk! Allow me to explain…

As you stand at the sink washing your hands and see your reflection, it is the Creator watching you through the other side of the mirror. The all-knowing knows your worth. Why don’t you? The Most High is feeling some type of way that you have not yet taken the time to truly step into your power, know your worth and govern yourself accordingly. Instead of seeking the Kingdom, the light within, you seek a light that can be held in the palm of your hand that often leads you to a place of misery. Seek ye first the Kingdom. The Creator sees your struggles and wants you to be love…to be light…to be free.

Let us  put down the devices and focus on what is important. Let us be more present in the lives of the people we love. Let’s kill these distractions one by one. Let us focus…

Peace and Love.


  1. I love this post and while not feeling many new school artists, like H.E.R. and this song! I can totally see how the lyrics could relate to each perspective presented and a combination of #2 & #3 is where I felt an AHA! Mindless scrolling, stepping into my power and better use of time to do it – the SKRUGGLE is REAL, lol!! But mindfulness helps to make moves, even baby moves in the right direction so I’ll keep on plugging along on this path of self-realization and improvement. Getting FOCUSED mannnnnnnnn – lol!


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