Nicole Ari Parker quoteGiven the fact that this is my second blogging stint, it would only be right to carry on with beauty. My first blog was dedicated to natural hair and beauty and so it is only right that I incorporate that content into this new endeavor we call Queen Rising.

One of the reasons why I stopped blogging was because I began to think more deeply about this “beauty” thing. It is not isolated to which product you purchase or style you try. Certainly, some of these choices give us our own unique flair, but I began to think more deeply. Here we are.

Expect to see stunning styles, nail-care tips, fashion and advice from some of my fellow beauty-loving friends.¬†Join me on my personal Queen Rising journey as I revamp my wardrobe, experiment with beauty products/recipes/regimens and come into my own. I’ll be transitioning from sports bras (due to maternity) to bing, bam, pow! Oh, how fun!!!

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