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Sweat-soaked sheets one minute, freezing cold the next – does this sound familiar? Those in the perimenopausal phase probably know exactly what I’m talking...


Listen, my body is not bodying the way it used to. I have this one dress that I put on occasionally to test out...


The hot flashes are flashing and the moods are changing like the hours on a clock. Perimenopause is here. As a woman of a...

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Do you ever walk around feeling as if you are in a fog? It is as if there is this invisible layer of fog...

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It’s been awhile. I had to take some time to gather myself, reflect and truly consider this thing called life and how I could...


March is National Nutrition Month (among other things). I initially wanted to do great things for this however after reading the rules and regulations...

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I am Yada - a wombman, queen, goddess, wife, mother, sister, friend and more. Thank you for visiting. It is my hope that you find inspiration, joy and are able to reflect through the personal epiphanies of my life and the lives of fellow queens. Thank you for visiting.


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