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Belly Buster Botanicals Belly Buster Botanicals


We are out here on the Internet and guess what – the tribe is forming. There are more women who are working to get...

6 african american women posing against a white brick wall 6 african american women posing against a white brick wall


I’m nearly 100% confident that I am not the only woman out here who is tired of the sweatpants, leggings and basic behavior. Sis,...

Self-ish Aromatic Body Tea Self-ish Aromatic Body Tea


Well, hey there lovely. What brings you here? Did the title make you clutch your pearls? I certainly hope so. This post is in...

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Sweat-soaked sheets one minute, freezing cold the next – does this sound familiar? Those in the perimenopausal phase probably know exactly what I’m talking...


I have a confession. I love the ‘D’. You know – Vitamin D. You knew that was what this post was all about, right?...

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