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Some time ago, I shared my Mysteek Naturals experience as I dabbled with the Bougie Blue temporary hair color. In case you were wondering,...

Bougie Blue by Mysteek Naturals Bougie Blue by Mysteek Naturals


I know the song ‘Bad and Bougie’ is old, but it’s the first thing that came to mind when trying to title this post....

Chaunda 'LocStar' King Chaunda 'LocStar' King


By now you may have caught several of the hints we’ve thrown your way. In addition to the concept of mindfulness, learning some amazing...

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Sweat-soaked sheets one minute, freezing cold the next – does this sound familiar? Those in the perimenopausal phase probably know exactly what I’m talking...


I have a confession. I love the ‘D’. You know – Vitamin D. You knew that was what this post was all about, right?...

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