Week 2 Summary: Hot Mumma Summa

Okay Ladies, the second week has come and gone. It’s Week 2, Boo! I played around a bit last week, but this past week was so much better.


I have been guzzling! The recommendation is to drink sixteen ounces of water along with each tincture provided in the cleanse. There are three, so that equates to 48 ounces daily (by default) if I am following the instructions.


As an overachiever, I am happy to report that I went above and beyond. My average daily intake was 57.6 ounces per day. While not what I really need given my current weight – it is progress and I am happy about it.

Eating Habits

Salad, smoothies and intermittent fasting were a must. Due to some personal challenges/upcoming events, I made a decision to incorporate fasting. I break my fast each morning with the following:

I make a commitment to refrain from any other food until noon. Fasting is something I choose to do to connect to the Creator. It is most favorable when I am seeking clarity and peace beyond description.

Overall, this week went well. I still ate two burgers (Beyond Meat) at once, but these were cooked by hubby on the grill and I opted for my own live lettuce bun versus bread.


Being under the influence of the Divine during my fast period each day allows me to be more present and in tune with my body, mind and soul. Sure a few small tension headaches arose and I got hangry a few times, but in lieu of being wrapped up in those moments – I chose meditation.

My day began with meditation. For two minutes on most days, I went to my quiet place and laid on the floor (or yoga mat) and embraced the power of breath. I gave thanks for this physical body, each organ, system and cell. I will continue to begin my days like this. I feel great!


Now, you know this is the struggle for me. I am happy to report that thanks to Arianna Elizabeth of Bright & Salted Yoga, incorporating yoga into my daily routine became much less challenging. Her channel is organized in a way that allows you to participate in flows based on duration. Ten minutes of yoga for at least five days per week was the goal and I did six, yall!


Well, that summarizes the second week of my Hot Mumma Summa. How have things been going for you?

Peace and Love.

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