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Hot Mumma Summa – The tribe is forming

We are out here on the Internet and guess what – the tribe is forming. There are more women who are working to get it all the way back together.  I am so excited!

Last week we announced the winner of our challenge. Congrats again Atarah! She won a Goddess Body Cleanse kit valued at $99.  The win was just in time too, because word on the street is that the kits recently sold out. We told you that this is not a game.

How to Register

It is still not too late to join us. If you want in, check out our Eventbrite page and register. We’ll be checking in with our  hot mummas all summa!  There is no cost at all. We are simply requesting your email addresses so that we can personally invite you to the exclusive events that we are curating for this Hot Mumma Summa.

You may also be interested in joining us on Facebook.

Goddess Body Cleanse

Don’t forget that we’re kicking off the challenge with the Goddess Body Cleanse.  During the twenty-eight day process (June 20 – July 18) we will be sharing our meal preps, recipes, body movement routines, meditations and more. Shedding pounds, seeing a glow and getting snatched are mere side effects of the cleanse. If you know me, then you know it is always deeper than that.

Goddess Body

This is an opportunity to shift our minds and create positive mindsets and habits. We will radiate beautiful energy from the inside out. Eating high vibrational foods, being hydrated – oh, this is going to be good!

We hope to glow with you soon.

Peace and Love.


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