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Week 1 Summary: Hot Mumma Summa

Yesterday marked a full week of the Hot Mumma Summa challenge. I jumped right into the Goddess Body cleanse – tinctures, no bread, hydration – check! I went into day one like a champ, but as the days went by – what had happened was…

The Ugly

I like to end on a good note and so we begin with the ugly. The ugly truth about this week is that I did not intentionally move my body at all! Aside from earning a few badges on my Fitbit for making 10K plus steps a few times, I was laid up on the couch. In all fairness, it was a family vacation week. My priority was seeing smiles on the faces of my people. They wore me out! Naps were my friend and that’s that on that.


The Bad

We recently found a few new vegan spots where we vacation and they have these vegan cheese fries with a vegan chipotle ranch sauce. Listen here….I know fries are not a part of the Goddess Body cleanse, but I ate them – one half at dinner and another half for breakfast. Yup…sure did.

Lastly, when we got home – I smashed a vegan burger (with the buns) – actually, it was two of them. Yeah, I did that.


The Good

Okay, now it is time to talk about what went well. I was able to keep up with my tincture doses all days except for one (Saturday – the night I ate a pair of burgers). I also met my water goal on most days. When I weighed myself on Sunday morning I lost a total of 0.4 pounds.

I was expecting no movement on that scale because of my love affair with the couch, however I am going to celebrate that loss! Progress – not perfection. No worries, I have kicked off week 2 with yoga twice daily so far.


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