Three reasons why hydration is essential

As the first half of our Hot Mumma Summa challenge begins, it would be utterly irresponsible if we did not discuss the importance of hydration. Water is essential to everything. Whether participating in a cleanse or not, hydration yields so many benefits. Let’s jump right in!

Why water?African-American woman with curly hair sipping water through a straw

The human body is made up of roughly seventy percent (70%) water. Our cells are dependent upon water in order to function optimally. Everything in our bodies begins with a cell. Tissues are groups of cells. Organs, muscles and bone are groups of tissues. Systems such as neurological, cardiovascular and digestive are comprised of organs. Do you see a pattern here? It all begins with a cell.

Our cells engage in a cyclical process of creation and death serving as a metaphoric microcosm of our own lives. Every day – every moment we are making a decision to contribute to the health or death of our cells. This ultimately impacts our entire body.

Proper hydration has the ability to impact our mood, digestion and more. If you find yourself dealing with health challenges, consider how much water you are (or are not) drinking.

Top three reasons

Now that we are aware of the overarching benefits, we’ll discuss the top three reasons to drink more water as it relates to how we show up, how we interact with the world and of course our Hot Mumma Summa challenge.

Weight Release

One of the first things that typically happens when engaging in a cleanse or detox is rapid weight release. Oftentimes, this can be attributed to the increase in water consumption. By consuming more water, you are allowing your body to flush your systems ridding it of accumulated waste and other toxins that may have been weighing you down.

Your bowels are able to move with ease and other systems are operating as they should. Constipation is no fun and can turn the kindest person into a stone-cold jerk.

Be kind and drink your water.

Clear Skin

Believe it or not, the skin is the largest organ of the human body. It regulates our temperature, protects our system and is such a gift. If you are noticing more blemishes or skin irritations, drinking more water could be your solution.

If our cells were operating optimally, they would flush out the unneeded toxins that we are bound to encounter through the environment or unnatural foods. With proper hydration, we allow our bodies to do the work needed to rid our systems of the nastiness. Without hydration, these toxins are trying to rid our bodies in any way possible. We often see it on our skin.

Let’s get this glow, Queens!

Minding our own business

Mental health has been huge this past year especially. What I have learned is that a number of my challenges are a result of me not minding my own business. Here are a few things that are none of our business:

  • Worrying about what someone thinks of you
  • Comparing yourself (and/or life) to another
  • Trying to help someone who is not helping themselves

This world of social media and reality TV will have us second-guessing ourselves and loved ones. As you begin your journey into proper hydration, you will more than likely find that your system will be running so smoothly that you will spend much of your time in the restroom leaving little to no time to be concerned with what anyone else is doing. All of that walking will add to your body movement or daily steps and before you know it, you will be slipping right back into those jeans from 2019.

Queen, stay focused on your ounces, the elimination process and reap the benefits.

In the next few posts, we’ll be sharing strategies and creative ways to stay hydrated. Stay tuned…

Peace and Love




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